Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out of Town

No. I haven't forgotten avout this blog. I just got tired of updating. But now I'm back.

I won't talk about what happened since my last post because that would be too long. I don't have time for that because I'll be packing.

The family will be going to Batangas for the weekend. We never do this. We have never been on a trip since I was around 11 years old. It's exciting. Obiwan will be going to the beach for the first time! Woot!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Patrick Perez's Birthday Party

Obiwan attended his first birthday party. It was my boss' son's 6th birthday in Blue Whale in Fun Ranch.

Obiwan wasn't used to seeing so many people he didn't know so he wouldn't let go of for practically the whole time we were there. We watched the magic show but a few tricks after, he was already asleep.

He did enjoy the loot bag because it had Mickey Mouse all over it. And he ate a lot of french fries and some chicken fingers.

After the party, we rode a train which went around the Fun Ranch. And we rode the airplane ride.

All in all, it was a great party. I hope next time Obiwan will be more at ease so he can play with some of the other children.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Obiwan!

I last posted Oct 30?! With me moving to a different house and a different office, I forgot to update my blog/s.

So Obiwan had his 2nd birthday last Sunday. The plan was for the whole family to go to Manila Ocean Park. I've been there once and I had a great time. While I was there, all I thought about was how happy the place would make Obiwan feel. He loves fish. Well at least the ones on screensavers. He hasn't seen any fish swimming in aquariums but I know he'd love those. I'll also bring him to the other section in Manila Ocean Park where they have jellyfish. The light makes the jellyfish seem like they're glowing.

But alas, he was sick since Friday. Fever was on and off. I brought him to the pediatrician on Saturday and found out that his throat was inflamed which caused his temperature to change. Sometimes he would be his usual self, running all over the place, then the next minute he would be down and sweet and won't want to move.

Luckily on the day of his birthday, his temperature was normal. I decided that we'll just eat out at Trinoma. He loves Trinoma. He can even say it and he knows what it looks like. Well, he knows there's a merry-go-round there. Maybe we'll just go to Manila Ocean Park next time.


I gave him a toy car for his birthday. He loves cars. He reads the newspaper just to look at pictures of cars.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Our company, Stream Global Services, had Trick or Treat for the employees children last Oct 29. Since Obiwan was old enough, I brought him along. Tita Maggie bought him a costume but it didn't fit so he just brought a hat shaped like a jack-o-lantern. But he didn't wear it because it irritated him.

What was supposed to happen was that my mom and sister would drop Obiwan at the office with my brother. We would go around the office trick or treating with the other children then we'll meet up again after.

It didn't go the way I thought it would. We rode the elevator from the 1st to the 12th floor and Obiwan was surprised. He must've been confused why he felt like he was moving up but when he looks around, everything stands still. Turns out that the registration was not at the 12th floor so we had to ride the elevator again to the 22nd floor. This time he was more stressed. I'm thinking his ears might've been popping and he might not have felt it before.

So we went with the group of children to go to my floor at the 17th. This time, Obiwan was crying loudly as we rode down then he'd promptly stop when we're off. We went around the floor to get some candies. He didn't want to walk so I carried him the whole way. We went around and when he felt like we were near the elevator, he started crying again and holding on to me tight. We stayed at the 17th floor instead. When he was a little bit more at ease, we went directly to the elevators and went down and left the building. The whole time, Obiwan was bawling and crying his eyes out. It's going to be some time before we start riding an elevator again.


After that, we went to Starbucks with the family then we ate lunch. They then brought me home and Tita Xylee and Ninong Mogs' mother was there. We were supposed to stay a bit so Obiwan can socialize with them but then there were also dogs in the house, one of which was barking loudly. It scared Obiwan and he didn't want to enter the house. He'd been to the zoo and he's generally not scared of big animals let alone a small dog. So out visit was short lived.


The whole experience must've been stressful for him but his family was always with him so at least he knows that we will always be there whenever he feels scared. Though it's just fitting that he be a little bit scared because it's halloween except that I didn't foresee that it would be caused by an elevator and a small Maltese dog.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Obiwan's First Haircut

Obiwan's hair is really thin and it's only yesterday that he got his first haircut. He had his haircut at Cuts 4 Tots in Trinoma. He was very brave. The only reason he was complaining so much was because he was itchy from all the hair around his neck and face. Now he's semi-bald. Hopefully his hair grows even and hopefully it grows thicker.

Pictures to follow... As always...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obiwan Vocabulary

Obiwan has been speaking for a few months now but is still unable to say sentences. He understands people around him but he can't articulate what he wants to well. Sometimes he tells stories about what happened or what he saw but it's mostly all vowels and him pointing to things.

These are a few words he can actually say and what he means:

Daddy = Daddy
Mommy/Mama/Ma = Mommy (He calls my mother Mommy)
Papa = Papa (He used to call my father lolo but everyone else calls him Papa so he just did the same)
Toto = Tito
Shasha = Tita Sasha
Tota = Tita
Dada = Ate Marie
Berly = Yaya Jonalyn
Tis = Tess
Pidi = Freddy

Kukay = Cereal (It was originally for Coco Crunch but he calls any cereal kukay)
Pantit = Pancit (He loves pancit)
Didi = Milk

Meng/Memeng = Cat
Pati = Dove
Pis = Cockroach
Pis Ptay = Dead cockroach
Shus/Patos = Shoes
Vroom vroom = Car
Bus = Bus

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zoo pictures

Zoo pictures are here.